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We have come across many who told us inflatables are for kids ... really - think again. Think team building, ice breaking, corporate quality time

Light activities for small group to get everyone to move at their own rhythm, following the the music, gather your team for an hour or two not far from the office for a special Friday. Run through the obstacle, play some games. talk, laugh and Exchange, eat and drink, relax .... Let's do it and we have the perfect places to play. Ideal for group of 10 and more for a hour or more

You have a large crowd and need us to come to your factory, your carpark so we can help successfully communicate, wake up involvment and committments in the firm, with or without family members : not a problem - been there and done it too !

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Contact us with your specification, number of people, age groups, what you want to achieve. We will suggest and help you taylor your event, share what has worked fantastically and ... not so fantastically ... sometimes you need a first step in the right direction and a little bit of push 

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