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Popcorn & Candyfloss

We require a table for each machine - able to support about 20 kg

Each machine use a 13 amp power point - we prefer to have one independent power point per machine and not to share the power point among several machines 

Usually Operator is not included in the price - we teach and train how to use the machines at delivery after set up

Supplies  (sugar, kernel, oils, sticks and paper bags)  are included

We supply extension cord (20m to 30m long)

Bouncy Castle 

Bouncy castles require continuous air flow provided by a blower (or several)

Each blower use a 13 amp power point - we prefer to have one independent power point per blower (especially when the blower is 1500W) and not to share the power point among several blowers (except for carnival games)

Usually Operator is not included in the price - we teach and train how to use the bouncy castle at delivery after set up

We supply extension cord (20m), sufficient safety mats ( 5cm thick / high density), canvass to place on the ground and canvass to protect against the rain

You cannot use a bouncy castle if it is wet - so we will talk about the weather during your event when we discuss the booking details. 

Some Safety Rules : 

When using a bouncy castle or inflatable play structure, it's important to prioritize safety to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some general safety rules to follow:

  1. Supervision: Ensure that there is constant adult supervision by responsible individuals who understand the safety guidelines.

  2. Age and Size Restrictions: let us know the age and weight of the participants so we can best advise on the suitability of the bouncy castle.

  3. Limit the number of users to avoid overcrowding.

  4. Footwear, sharp objects and Jewelry: Remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and any sharp objects before entering the bouncy castle to prevent injuries to yourself and others. And it will also help to prevent punctures.

  5. No Rough Play: Discourage rough play, wrestling, flipping, or somersaults that can lead to collisions or falls.

  6. No Climbing on Walls or Netting: Users should not climb or hang onto the walls or netting of the bouncy castle. It's important to stay within the designated play area.

  7. No Food or Drinks: Avoid bringing food, drinks, or chewing gum into the inflatable structure, as they can pose choking hazards and cause damage to the equipment.

  8. Weather Conditions: Do not use the bouncy castle in high winds, rain, thunderstorms, or other adverse weather conditions. If there is a lightening alert, evacuate the bouncy castle slowly but steadily, once it is empty switch off the blower(s) and cover the castle using the canvass left for this purpose. This way it will hopefully keep the castle dry and resuming playing will be much faster and easier.

  9. Proper Inflation: Regularly check the inflation level of the bouncy castle to maintain its stability and firmness. All our inflatables require continuous airflow.

  10. Emergency Procedures: Have a plan in place for emergency situations, including knowledge of how to quickly and safely evacuate the bouncy castle if necessary. We will tell you what we recommend when we deliver the castle and train you on how to use and supervise it

  11. It's always better to prioritize safety over anything else

Carnival Games

Carnival Games may require continuous air flow provided by a blower (or several) - usually blowers are smaller size compare to blowers use for bouncy castles ( 330W-680W vs 1500W)

Each blower use a 13 amp power point - we prefer to have one independent power point per blower but because blowers are usually 330W or 680W, it is possible to have secveral blowers using one power point through our extension cord.

Usually Operator is not included in the price - we teach and train how to use the games at delivery after set up

We supply extension cord (20m), sufficient props (balls, hoops, darts ...) to play the game.

We do not recommend to use the games under the rain 

Wooden games require a table to be set up ( at least 1m long table) able to support 15kg

safety rules for bouncy castles and similar items (following up on the previous safety rules in the above section)

An adult must always be present to supervise. ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIME. The adult must have received the explanation on how to use the castle, how to keep the player safe, how many participants to allow, what to do in case of rain, unexpected deflation. WHEN WE DELIVER THE CASTLE SPARE 10 MINUTES SO WE CAN GO THROUGH THESE RULES WITHOUT BEING TOO MUCH DISTURBED.

The supervising adult must be close to the inflatable so he/she can help and monitor 

If the adult feels this role is not suitable for him/her, please find another adult to replace you. We usually warn this is can a tough task. Better to make it fun and comfortable : not too many kids, talk to the participants before they enter the inflatable and explain them the safety rules, be firm but positive. 

Do not allow any  access during the inflation or deflation process : the inflatable must be empty without anybody near it

No smoking, no alcohol inside and near the inflatable 

Do not allow inside the inflatable pregnant woman, injured participants (wrist, ankle, knee back etc ...), participants with casts 

Strictly no pets - it seems funny but this is not suitable for them 

Telling the safety rules is really the opportunity for the participants to do the right thing inside and outside the castle - It is best if you tell all the participants at the beginning of the events / session so they can understand them. 

It is the occasion to assess the level of excitement, few chararcteristics of the participants : quiet, contemplative, excited, over over over way way too excited.

If there is nobody to supervise the inflatable : switch it off 

If more than one child will be using it, make sure they are about the same age and size : imagine a 15 year old boy falling on a 3 year old girl - homogeneity is required.

No shoes, glasses, and jewelry. Please empty participants pockets : no phone, no sharp objects

No Food No Drink 

Enter one at a time - slow and steady - no race and no rush as we do not want anybody to fall while entering

Inside the castle : stay on your feet at all time, if you fall please stand up - other participants may jump/bounce on your legs or arms if you sit or lie on the bouncy castle 

Inside the bouncy castle : no rough play,  no tumble, wrestle, flips. Best is to  stay away from the entrance or exit, and the sides or walls of the bouncer.

Inside the bouncy castle, the goal is for participant to have fun while controlling the way they move. There cannot be too many participants at one time - each participants must have enough space to bounce without hitting another participant. As the adult supervising, you must be strict - if we tell you 4 to 5 participants, don t let 10 kids playing at the same even if they want. 

Once two or three kids are inside a castle, you see the way they bounce and this will appear a lot clearer : elbow vs face, knee vs face, hands vs face .... if one falls are the other participants able to avoid him/her and not to fall on him/her ....

When sliding : one participant on top of a slide lane at any one time - slide feet first and in sitting positions (never head first - NEVER). And participant can slide only if the bottom of the slide is empty.

After sliding and when about to exit : sit at the bottom edge of the slide, place your feet on the safety mats, stand up and walk - do not bounce out of the castle => exit slowly, stable on both feet.

Bouncy castle shall be set up on flat ground, away from branches and other obstacles (at least 1 m) 

Do not use the bouncy castle if it is wet as it is extremely slippery. Bouncing may lead to hard contact/ shock between participants unable to control the way they bounce

The inflatable (bouncy castle, slide, obstacle course) is inspected at delivery and will be released if it is in good usable conditions. The customer assumes all responsibility for injuries to person and properties.

It is understood there are risks associated (health and safety)  while playing inside an inflatable bouncy castle, slide, obstacle course etc and while playing inside an inflatable with other participants.   

Please ensure the safety rules are mentioned to all participants before entering and playing inside the inflatable.  

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