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Candy floss rental for 3 hours  200 servings (approx) with supply  @  $159  
Valid from November 1st till December 15th 2023
Conditions : 

 ** 3 hours rental period for the event where delivery takes place from 9am and collection takes place before 7PM. **
Example : a birthday party starts at 10am,and ends at 1pm we deliver the machine at 9am and collect the machine at 1.30PM
Example : a wedding ceremony takes place from 3PM to 6PM - we deliver the machine at 2PM and collect the machine not later than 7PM. 

This is valid on a first-come first-serve basis
No Operator provided (But can be arranged at a cost based on availability)

But training will be done as per usual when we deliver and set up the machine
Requirements : one table and one power point (extension cord is provided)
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